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We are a Toronto based sales and marketing agency.

We showcase the lifestyle of the brands we represent and the people we work with. Driven by a passionate focus on fashion, music, art and sports we have built our agency on the sole fact that we love what we do. Our vision is to focus on long-term growth, establishing relationships, growing brands, building a network of retailers, and providing those outlets with the key labels that best exemplify the shared thoughts and ideas of Ampersand Co. and our affiliates. The desire to build a leading edge agency has developed into an account base of the top 160 clients in the Canadian market, relationships with brand ambassadors that exemplify product knowledge, and logistical support.

Our Brands

Our agency was built on the drive and determination to be creative in the way we sell and market the brands we work with. Our main objective is to drive awareness to our brands and the retailers that carry them by creating a personal connection to their markets. We do this through creative social programs, brand ambassadors and a constant knowledge of the consumer pulse.

meet the team

Growing organically through our founders, Michael Andrews and Blair Bouchard, along with their close ties to Vitaly, founded Ampersand Co. in the winter of 2013. The goal is to be one of the top sources for brands that fit our lifestyle and make them an extension of ourselves and our networks.

Michael Andrews
North American Sales Manager & Founder
Blair Bouchard
Marketing Manager & Founder
Shir Zukier
Account Manager & Operations
Alex McFadyen
Account Manager
Ryan A. Webster, CPA, CA
Financial Controller

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